Monday, August 16, 2010

Perils of living in a tallish building

Had yet another apocalyptic dream last night where I watch the city be destroyed from my balcony, but this time the real cause was a madman who dropped an enormous scale model of a city onto NYC.

The model was large enough that out covered the entire city in dust so even Brooklyn looked like Wall Street did in 9/11. But it was a scale model, and not a model of NYC. Got that? So the model must have been of a city the size of Africa. But scale, so it was the right size to cover NYC.Okay. Just so we're clear.

But it started out with strange explosions on the horizon, and then small shock waves. Yet another nuclear dream. Then debris was falling from the sky.

Then a overscale model of an airplane fell onto Manhattan (which I can't actually see from my ninth floor Brooklyn balcony). Yes: a model of an airliner, made of some chalky painted material, but maybe two miles long. Fell into the buildings and broke apart like a melon.

I went to sleep (I'm always sleeping and waking in my dreams), and when I woke up, it still looked like daytime. The sky was filled with dust, and there was still a sun (or maybe distant fires?). Look like those artists renderings of Sunrise on Mercury, a huge oval splotch of white light.

Down below, people were sort of acting normal, going to work or whatever. After all, it was a disaster, but few dead, and no radiation.

Then my alarm went off and I hit snooze and had a dream about my foot.


James Call: Expert said...

That's really something. Reminds me of my dreams wherein Manhattan is about 900 streets long and 20 avenues wide, and I am always running errands on the trains, but the trains only go one way, so you can't take the same train back where you came from. Always, huge portions of this city are absolutely war zones or literally falling into the Hudson. Parts of it are quite nice, however. It also connects, via the Bronx, to California, China, and France.

Gregory Michael Travis said...

Hmm, now that I think about it, I believe my dream NYC borders on the arctic circle, and is very close to texas to the west.