Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been developing a new software development system, called TESSA (Tertiary Enterprise System Solution with Aspects). Here it is in action:


Syntax Error:

Compilation Successful:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

An especially vivid dream I had last night

I'm back at Dynamic Logic (my last job), on some kind of official business from my current job (Google). [This is relevant since my departure from DL was acrimonious: I was treated like dirt as soon as I announced I was leaving, and was told that I was making a Big Mistake. And this rather got to me.]

Anyway, I'm back there, and, like all dreams where I am visiting an old company, it's on the 100th floor of a skyscraper and is a ring-shaped office around some unseen core. I'm running around looking for something, and I'm a little self-conscious because I've gained weight (true). Finally I reach the front desk, where I am given some documents or something. People are being really friendly, and by the time I'm ready to go, people are laughing and cheering me, it's all very gratifying.

I go out to take the elevator down. An elevator arrives, and some people get in it, but I get in another one. Like most elevators in my dreams, it's way too big and has furniture in it. This one looks like it's undergoing serious renovations, with construction materials, sheetrock, wiring stuff.

The walls and floors are lined with lit candles which throw off a nice light. Apparently the electricity is not connected to this elevator, so the light has to be from candles. Somehow, though, when I press the button, the elevator starts to go down.

It goes down very slowly. At this point, I decide that this elevator may well be dangerous, that it perhaps isn't meant to be used, so I start pawing at the buttons. I'm trying to hit the '90' button before we've passed the 90th floor, then the '89' button, etc., but I can't get the thing to stop.

A moment later, I look up, and the elevator has changed. Instead of a shambling room lit by candles, it's a pristine, futuristic space with slanty walls and glowing panels. I turn around towards the back of the elevator, and there are three chairs. They are occupied, of course, by the ladies of Dynasty (the prime time soap opera from the 80's)! Linda Evans, Joan Collins, and someone else. (Not a show I watched.)

I think this dream is of good portent.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

No disrespect to Bugs Bunny...

This headshot of Sarah Palin always looked really familiar to me. In a flash, I remembered today what it was:

Now that I look at them side-by-side, it's not really the same expression, but somehow the smile-level is identical.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Pretty Pretty Ca Na Da

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Beautiful spam

Perhaps I'm just trying to share something that everyone has enough of, but, look, I get some spam that really make me happy, and I just have to share.

From: Champany
Subject: Computerized babies cry, burp at Mexicaan teens

[Followed by viagra ad.]