Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do what now?

I keep my to-do 'list' in the form of many small scraps of paper in my back pocket. Every morning I rifle through them to see what I need to do. I throw away (recycle) the ones that I have done or that no longer need to be done. I look sheepishly at the ones at the bottom of the stack that have been in there for 5 months, the paper turning into a silky mess. I take a few out that I plan to do that day, and often wind up just putting them back. Sometimes I can't read what I wrote on them.

The other day, I was writing some task down on a slip of paper, but I was distracted by something else. The next day, I was looking at my slips of paper, and there was one that just said, "Karma".

What's my action item here?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The truth about 'classical music'

Someone replaced the the music of the Yo-Yo Ma performace at the inaugural address.


I think this proves that the way people look when they are listening to high-art music is the same as they way they look when they are either (1) listening to something terrible, or (2) listening to nothing.