Sunday, June 06, 2010

"Speedo Calrissian"

I thought of this funny name. I googled it -- to my surprise, there were no hits!

As far as Google-based reality is concerned, this did not exist before. I invented it.

In just a little while, of course, Google will index this page and it will be in the search engines. It will get one hit. Then I will become incredibly rich and famous. Then there will be a lot of hits. Then someone will claim they thought of it first, and there will be a lawsuit. Then Lucasfilm will get involved, and I will go to jail. In jail, I will write the words "Speedo Calrissian" all over the walls in mold-water, and will scratch it into my arm with my shiv.

"Shiv" is a Romani word. Whaddaya know?

1 comment:

James Call: Expert said...

It is fucking incomprehensible that "Speedo Calrisian" has not yet been taken. That makes about 0% sense and proves the information is imperfect in the market.