Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Death Star suddenly makes sense to me -- it's what you get when you build a skyscraper in zero gravity:

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ravelgrane said...

That makes me think of a story idea. Remember the skyscraper battles of NYC, when construction companies kept trying to outdo one another, like the race between the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. And now the race has started again, with the shanghai building and the one they're building in dubai (1/3 of a mile!). Well, what if the Death Star Construction Company were in competition with Giganto Office Moon Builders Inc.? Imagine they make ever larger moonlets over the decades, and the problems they encounter. They pass the 10-mile-diameter limit and have to invent new kinds of foundations because they start to have gravity that weakens the structure. So the I-beams become hundreds of feet thick. And then they pass the 100-mile limit and have problems with ventilation because the atmosphere is being pulled to the core. Etc. Etc. Until one day they pass a threshhold and the station suddenly collapses into a neutron star.

Gregory Michael Travis said...


Before long, they are using black holes to power construction equipment to make galaxy-size buildings; they have to make them sparse enough not to collapse into black holes.

They can't get anyone to rent space in their artificial galaxies because the decor is terrible.

No.7 said...


Anonymous said...

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Gregory Michael Travis said...

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